Tim Reardon

Secretary of Transport fo...
NSW Government

Tim Reardon is the Secretary of Transport for NSW.
He leads the Transport Cluster which has over 25,000 people working across the transport agencies on behalf of the NSW community.
His role covers the planning and delivery of services and infrastructure across the transport system including trains, buses, ferries, roads and traffic, freight and ports, light rail, point to point transport, intrastate air services, and active travel.
Tim is accountable for delivering the largest transport infrastructure pipeline in a generation, which includes $41.5bn of capital works over a four year period.
He is also accountable for better integration across transport services, implementing technology and innovation to improve customer service, and driving reforms and long term planning to make the transport system more customer-focused and efficient.
Prior to commencing in his role, Tim was Deputy Secretary within the organisation since 2011. He has 25 years’ experience working in both government and the private sector in NSW and internationally. He is a born and bred New South Welshman and lives in Sydney with his wife Lorna and two daughters.